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We make it EASY - Schedule a pickup in less than 1 min!

We make it EASY - Schedule a pickup in less than 1 min!

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Happy donors

Easy, excellent communication, friendly pickup and going to a good cause. I'm very pleased!"

— Melina, San Francisco

I was so pleased with every aspect of the experience & even happier to hear how well my donation will be utilized. In fact, I just put out another donation this morning."

— Rebecca, Menlo Park

Thanks for the great service! Saved us so much time lugging our donations around. Will use again for sure!"

— Kristin, San Francisco

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Why Donate Your Clothes with Wovin?

hands-up You wovin Charity

We help nonprofits raise money by running their clothing drives.

Most nonprofits are unable to invest the time & money needed to run clothing drives, so WOVIN created a service that allows nonprofits to earn revenue through clothing contributions without losing focus on what they do best.

By running clothing drives for nonprofits, WOVIN is able to provide the easiest, most convenient donation experience possible.

It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN Learn more...